Warehouse mezzanines


We offer second-level construction in any office, warehouse, commercial facility, etc. Any building area, adapted in size and shape to the specificity of the place of implementation.

Can you choose from various variants of execution, from the simplest steel structure without stairs, which is just the second level of warehouse space, through various configurations to exclusive interiors equipped with multimedia, shiny surfaces, chrome and glass, freely illuminated in the latest LED technologies.

Each configuration is based on static calculations. As a self-supporting structure not placed inside the building, it does not require a building permit. Our structures do not have to be attached in any way to the structure of the mother building.

The nominal static load of the structure is 500 kg / m2, the standard height of the building is 3 m, the space under the floor is max. 2.7 m high.

Our projects are made of elements that are to ensure not only comfort of use, but also safety. The base of the structure are steel elements of the floor, guaranteeing the stability and durability of the entire project.